Prismiq Indexer

Tonight I received my Prismiq MediaPlayer, and it's pretty sweet. I'm using the 3.11b Linux media server, but they don't have a frontend or indexing support. They do have simple XML file formats and examples.

Here's a simple audio indexer.

Given a media-root directory, this will create media.xml and entries for all .mp3 files, and create a playlist.xml entry for each directory which contains 1 or more .mp3 files.

What it doesn't do, yet, is:


Usage example:

# ./ --output [dir] [full media root path]
./ --output mserver-files /home/jsled/mp3/rip

See the code for more details.

Download : version 1.2, 2003.10.10 T 17:48 EST

Update : 2003.10.10

Dependencies -- to get info out of MP3s.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons By-Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License.


None. Absolutely none. It works for me. It may trash your machine. Tough noogies.