"major injury" rules for Pathfinder 2e


Base Rate
Not a place of honor.
Lena @ Things Of Interest
perv levels
Tricameral Legislatures
Against Child Hostages
Double March
Links for January 2021
ISP Monopolies
I told you so, 2021 edition
Onward Christian Soldiers
Chain of Command
Top Ten Things You Might Not Know But Probably Should


Covid Precaution Level
the anti-genius game
Links for October 2020
#1179; Time for the Truth
Down With Geometry!
Electoral College denialism
Purge the Courts
In This House, We Believe…
Just a few of the low points
thaddeus e. grugq
Nihilist Pals
Pletka gets Chotinered
The deeper sickness
Pletka gets Chotinered
Living in a Conspiracy Nation
The deeper sickness
Blazing Fall Color
There Is No Defense of Looting
Work on what matters.
The Next Reconstruction
Rush Limbaugh and "feminazis"
A Pandemic Employment Model
not going back
Forward and Back
Who Killed the Supergrid?
The Vaccine Struggle
Doom scroll!
Links for July 2020
Five years from now
Cursed Responders
Bad Traditionalism
Links for June 2020
The Mattis Effect
Bye, Amazon
FAQ: Composting
Oh, Elon
Nerd Immunity
The pilot's intuition
Single car accident
SF Bar Owner to Yelp:
hahaha hold up
The Flight
Developing in Production
Google v. Oracle
you can't choose to be trad
Not Your Father's Income Tax
The Designated Mourner


GitHub Archive Program
The 'Russia Hoax' Is a Hoax
Why 435?
Hamilton on Impeachment
Rank Loyalties
How America Ends
Three little words
The Treat
OK, Gen Z-ers
Jeff Bezos's Master Plan
The Talk
Billionaire or Supervillain?
Hong Kong Protest Art
destroy the system
culinary vlogger
#1496; Requiescat in Peonies
no not bedtime
A Tax You Will Love
The 1619 Project
He Typeth
Good for the Jews
The Metamorphosis
Trained a Neural Net
Happy Bobby Bonilla Day
These are good axes
love of the sea
Woke Harry Met Sally
Death tax on democracy
living on easy street
All the Best People
prodigal dinosaur comics
Fearing for his life
Violence and sarcasm
people fake cancer too
Biff Tannen
Muppet Screams
How This All Happened
The Flag of the Popular Vote
Mobile Suit Garfield
Trump Has Defeated Himself
Top 11 Charts of the Year
Consensus New Year


The YIMBY Neoliberal Platform
Energy storage is a lie
Energy storage is a lie
The Digital Maginot Line
The Last Curious Man
52 Things Learned in 2018
52 Things Learned in 2018
just a little more dopamine
Is a Recession Coming?
Looks like fun
Fortnite v6.03 Patch Notes
6/6 Time
The Harriet Tubman $20 Stamp
There's No Coup Against Trump
Yes, It's a White Power Sign
On pumping your fuck brakes
The Utilitarian Calculator
mixed metaphor internet
Keeping the Web Open
Identity Theft
Voting Software
How Trump Radicalized ICE
Stormy was set-up
The Socialist Network
Pay the Homeless
Protest Isn't Civil
Taken 4
Power Man and Iron Fist
Collusion Happened
inbox zero
The Big Lie
dreams why worry
The Curse of Konzo
We Don't Have Elections
It's True
James Comey Is No Hero
They hate teachers too
Corrupt all the way down
No One Is Saying That
Everybody Has Their Price
Are the Parties Dying?
John Bolton: Dog Of War
Bannon's Bag Men
The John Bolton I Knew
Dowd And Out
Just a Reminder
never seen one
The Farrakhan Conundrum
Worse Than a Liar
Cosmic Backyard
Americans Love Torture
buy it today
having fun
Precise Slice
Abolish ICE Now
2018 CVE List
neontaster ? on Twitter
No You're The Mark
A Tale of Three Tweets
The Tyranny of Convenience
Mueller's Message to America
The Persistence of Tyranny
Comic: Half-Life
Case Nightmare Buttcoin
The Shame of Devin Nunes
comix 4 adults
He Dares Call It Treason
#1376; In which Much is read
The Drum Major Instinct
High spenders and meteors
The Trey Gowdy Retirement
Stay Klassy, Bezos.
The Gun Control We Deserve
Where Do I Store His Binky
The Trump Aristocrats
The End of the Rainbow
the thing: CONTROVERSIAL??
How Haiti became poor
It's happening here
It's Time: Break Up Big Tech
Three Days That Will Change Iran Forever


Relationship milestones.
Are Private Schools Immoral?
Ajit Pai's Big Lie
Self-Driving Car Milestones
Bert's Shirt Shop
Trump: The Long Emergency
Warren's Unforgivable Sin
War As Culture War
Death by Derivatives
Uranium scandal 101
A Moment of PAWS
Voight Kampff
Trump's Fantasy Capitalism
Veterans Day 2017
Danica and the Dragon
politics of pure resentment
A Nation of Snowflakes
Zucktown, USA
Existential Ad Agency
Bitcoin is fiat money, too
actually doing the hobby
The First White President
a small pox on both your houses
Whose is in the left out 10%?
The Worst Best Firefighter
Un-American activities
tech tips computer angry
no jason it wasnt
Every Seven Years
Particle Properties
it's easy if you try
Where You Came From
Bail Out
Hacker, Hack Thyself
State Word Map
What Xi Jinping Wants
Shit People
Trump's Budget Scam
Welfare Utopia
Welfare for Everyone
Keep an eye on Cassidy
Three Rival Humanisms
The Republican Waterloo
What Millions on Welfare?
Why liberals should own guns
They, the People
#1291; The Budget Traveler
It's got what cows crave.
The new colossus, cont'd
Why Iraq Needs the Oil
The Postmodern Presidency
It Doesn't Matter
On Punching Nazis
Bears are No Joke
Security Culture Is Good
On Digital Minimalism
Team Chat
Secret Iranian influence in the U.S. Constitution!


The Map of Physics
The North Carolina Semi-Coup
A false dichotomy
Larry Kudlow is usually wrong
Today Is Bill of Rights Day
UI Change
Castro is Dead. So What?
Gracias por estar aquí
The Map of Physics
Trump's Major Taiwan Blunder
you have to do this work
Castro is Dead. So What?
Gaslight Anthems
Gracias por estar aquí
The Trump break point
Cat Philosophy
The Roots of Route 66
hitting you with my broom
The Great Pundit Purge
Mimi Choi
Originalists against Trump
Ostrander, An Early Frost
Donald Trump's Cruel Streak
Gimme money, that's what I want
Trump Killed Outrage
Shut up and sing
Mississippi drainage
Earth Temperature Timeline
Marijuana is not Coffee
Iraqi Oil Fields: A Primer
Prison Labor: Modern Slavery
Mika Model
Professional corner-cutting
Apple Jonathan Concept (1985)
Recruitment 2016
Nth Wave Feminism
The Millennial Whoop
Guns and demonstrations
What Are We So Afraid Of?
How to be a better voter
The Unsporting Spirit
Is Boston Beer Doomed?
Clinton & The God Vote
recent TV
The Horror
Non-Compete Agreements
Against Dog Whistle-ism
Dramatic PAWS
Ayn Rand's Mary Poppins
The Horror
Non-Compete Agreements
The Offenders
Chait and Socialism
A Tale of Two Tyrannies
Interview with the Mormon
Remote Control
The Feminists Of Wakanda
Gun Control Is a Misfire
#1209; Talk and Awe
4 ½ pies in one!
After Neoliberalism
African Influences
Big Boss becomes Big Brother
The myths of Moore's law
A New Kind of Public Works
A history of Japan
#1196; The Currency of Cute
Sexbot ethics
From Pickup Artist to Pariah
The Art of Teaching
oppression is material
Guns And States
Mayo Jive
Sagebrush Rebellion Politics
Freedom and hypocrisy
Brave New War
No, a federal judge did not rule that drinking tea and shopping at a gardening store amounts to probable cause


The Logic of the Police State
Fallout 4 and Gender Roles
Second Amendment 'Terrorists'
#1179; Time for the Truth
How Poor Single Moms Survive
Gotta Keep 'Em Separated
but who's counting
#1173; The Appetizer App
as though everyone had value
To Catch A Bomb-Maker
Burbank Shopping Plaza No. 4
Race and History in New Mexico
What's a Girl to Do?
Microaggressions Matter
The Parable Of The Talents
The Right to a Dignified Life
one rule
Straight Outta Physics
Mapping Occupation
Debunked And Well-Refuted
Joint Employers
Built for Eternity
Left B. Hound: Year One
The Polder
Ok Weird Gnomes
Zoning out the poor
webcardz u can uze
Saving the open web
taste as taste
The case for monogamy
Sign Language
March of TIMES
an apology to vanilla
Against Tulip Subsidies
Zak's Dungeon Roller
The Future Is Filters
Why riots?
Feminist is a dirty word
The Land of the Free
The Nazi Games
T-Bones And Cadillacs
Can You Hot Dog It?
critique drift
Bliki: BeckDesignRules
The Gangsters of Ferguson
Policing by consent
Ev Williams on metrics
Top 10 Articles of 2014
No Escape From History
Crusader Babbits
Katha Pollitt FTW
Ethics, shmethics
A Measly Epidemic
The lazy moochers of the 47%
Death and The Anti-Vaxxer
Johnson's Dead Drop Tree
Censorship envy
Why Tipping Should Be Banned


Black Friday Bullshit
Bullet Proof Groin
Unedited Footage of a Bear
Torture Is Not a Hard Concept
WLP644 Background
New Exotic, The ASHPD
2 Custom Exotics
Police Defending Bad Laws
good morning good morning
Yglesias Award Nominee
Finding The System Guilty
Thursday Night
Alternate Universe What Ifs
November 19, 2014
Against Carceral Feminism
Start a mystery cult.
The Grand Conspiracy
Poor Choices
Surveillance State
UFC Twin Fights
The Poverty of Culture
Permission to Touch
We have the best firewall
Cooking Frozen Steaks
Next-Gen Fame
Guns and freedom
Boehner's Border Bill, Ctd
More Block Than Grant?
100 Percent Efficacy
Safe Stickers


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django timezone view handling


Champlain Valley water analysis, Spring 2008


java array iteration
rstiki - minimalist wiki using reStructuredText


wish (x10dev) 2.1.5 ebuild
Org-mode (vs. planner-mode)
Oscar handler
Logging in JSON
January VAGUE meeting


October VAGUE meeting